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Geelong Gallery – Customised High Density Artwork Storage

Project: Customised high density artwork storage cassette racking system.

Client Brief:

Since its establishment in 1896 the Gallery has amassed a magnificent collection of 19th and 20th century Australian and European paintings and decorative artworks. An ever-increasing requirement for efficiently storing this extensive collection of artwork saw the Geelong Gallery reach out to A1 Precision Solutions in Dandenong to add additional customised pull-out cassette art racks.

Scope of Works:

Manufacture, supply, install and commission a custom pull-out cassette art rack. The system has the capacity to store artwork up to 2800x2200mm in an upright position, with efficient high density. Slide-out panels can be set at any position, allowing artwork with various frame types to be stored. The system is modular, so extensions and modifications are simple. The cassette rack is freestanding, allowing for future relocation or reconfiguration if required. The artwork hangs vertically, mirroring how they would hang in an exhibition environment. In this high density system, the gallery has the potential to store over 270m2 of artwork in an area with a footprint of only 4x6m.


The system was installed over a period of three days, and commissioning took place immediately after the installation. Completed in December 2018, the Geelong Gallery is now able to efficiently store their already extensive artwork collection in readily accessible cassette racks.

Complete Office Fit­out and Staff Kitchen Refurbishment

Project: Another complete office refurbishment and fit-out by our team at A1 Precision Solutions. Our client wished to renew the ground floor office and provide new office furniture for their staff, as part of a larger scope of works we completed at the site.

Client Brief:

The client was relocating to this new building and requested an open-plan office area with new glazed partitioned offices and a meeting room on the ground floor. A1 Precision Solutions consulted with the client to design a floor layout that would best suit the client’s requirements. This project included demolition of existing office partitions, site make-good, and re-build and fit-out out including office furniture and joinery.

Scope of Works:

  • Demolition of existing internal partitioned walls and offices;
  • Site make-good – removal of all floor coverings – tiles, vinyl and carpets;
  • Painting;
  • Ceiling replacement including new LED lighting panels;
  • Polished concrete floors – including concrete grinding;
  • New glazed partitioned offices and meeting room;
  • Full staff kitchen renovation;
  • Bathrooms renovation including new hardware, tiling and vanities;
  • New office furniture fit-out;
  • Refurbishment of staff change rooms;
  • Staff alfresco area wall cut-out with installation of bi-fold doors, including external slab demolition and replacement.


The project delivered the client a ‘new’ open-plan office with increased natural light and a modern ambience, along with improve staff kitchen, alfresco area, amenities and change rooms.

External Facade Refurbishment of Office Block

Project: A large office block exterior refurbishment (reface) and car park line marking renewal.

Client Brief:

The client was wishing to renew a tired old commercial building to help retain an existing long-term tenant.

Scope of Works:

In the consultation process, A1 Precision Solutions provided the client with mock-up design images to help with the selection of the proposed new facade colour scheme. Once chosen, all external walls were cleaned and resprayed a dark charcoal colour creating a modern aesthetic look to the building. Additional works included respraying of all car park line marking, including disabled parking bay.


The successfully completed project with a quick turnaround, improved the overall building aesthetic and helped the client retain a good long-term tenant.

Do you use forklifts at your workplace? Do you have a traffic management plan?

If your site uses forklifts, no matter the size of the site or warehouse, developing a traffic management plan in your workplace is a health and safety issue for your workers. A well-designed plan should always integrate work flow requirements with safety measures.

Risk control measures include (but are not limited to):

  • Hazard identification and isolation;
  • Identifying efficient traffic routes;
  • Correct MHE for your requirements;
  • Pedestrian and forklift exclusion zones;
  • Pedestrian access and safety barriers;
  • Asset (building) protection (including rack protection if applicable);
  • Visual and audio aids including signage, mirrors, flashing beacons and sirens;
  • Safety zones for truck drivers;
  • Floor and line marking;
  • Containment fences;
  • Speed limits and speed limiting devices.

A1 Precision Solutions staff have decades of experience and can assist your business with your traffic management plan, and supply all equipment and services (line marking, safety barriers, MHE, etc…). Call us today on 1300 265 291.

Download the related WorkSafe publication “Forklifts – Developing a traffic management plan”:

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Mezzanines or Raised Storage Areas (RSA)…. What is the difference?

Mezzanines or Raised Storage Areas (RSA) – What is the difference?

Both Mezzanines and Raised Storage Areas (RSAs) are structural raised floors. The main difference is that a Mezzanine floor is continually occupied for work purposes (e.g. as an office or work/production area) and a Raised Storage Area is used for storage only.

Mezzanine floors and Raised Storage Areas can be built using different structural methods:

  • Structural steel supported mezzanine floors;
  • Pallet rack supported mezzanine floors;
  • Heavy duty Long Span shelving supported mezzanine floors.

Do I Require a Permit?

Mezzanine floors typically require local council planning permits and approvals if:

  • they will be continually occupied for work purposes (as an office or work area);
  • they are not fully freestanding (or attached partly to another structure or wall for support).

A Raised Storage Area, on the other hand, is free-standing and is used only for storage purposes, and as such, does not require permits and approval (check with your local council and strata title requirements).

Benefits: Make Use of Your Vertical Space

Both Mezzanines and Raised Storage Floors are a great solution for utilising unused vertical space and can double or triple your existing warehouse floor area. Raised Storage Floors are typically quick to install with minimal disruption to the business, and the system is modular and relocatable if you ever need to move. Mezzanine floors can include complete office extensions, fully installed with glazed office partitions, suspended ceilings, bathrooms, etc…

Some benefits of installing a Mezzanine or Raised Storage Area include:

  • Making the most of your rental dollar by utilising unused vertical space;
  • Negating the need to relocate to a larger premises;
  • Cost-effective solution when running out of space – compared with relocating;
  • Build over existing structures or buildings.

Another reason to consider installing a Mezzanine or RSA (and making the most of your tenancy) is rising rental costs. A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald cites industry sources as forecasting rising rental costs:

“Builder and developer Vaughan Constructions believes the end is nigh for the decade-long favourable conditions enjoyed by industrial tenants, as soaring land values and increased construction costs start to bite…”

“Soaring land and construction costs to bite industrial tenants.”
– from the Sydney Morning Herald, 11 July 2018.

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The importance of racking Safety and Compliance – Yearly Inspections

Pallet racking in Australia is covered under the Australian Standard AS 4084:2012 Steel Storage Racking. This standard deals not only with design but also covers racking installation and operation. When buying pallet racking, it is essential that you make sure the rack system is not only designed to the standard, but is installed to the standard and is operated in accordance with the standard.
To comply with Australian work safety laws, all industrial storage systems are also required to be inspected by a qualified professional every 12 months, and have certified safety signage to indicate the maximum unit load rating for each shelf level.

View the WorkSafe guidance note here:

A1 Precision Solutions offers regular rack safety inspections and will make recommendations for any damage repairs or replacements, helping you ensure compliance and safety for your employees.
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