A1 Precision Solutions employs an in-house fabrication team offering bespoke fabrication services to help you get set up or expand. Our dynamic fabrication team allows us to offer one-off or volume production.

Services include:

  • Bespoke design (including CAD) and fabrication
  • Drilling – up to 50mm
  • Punching – up to 30mm dia. into 16mm
  • Guillotine – up to 300mm x 12mm
  • Forming – 60 tonne “V” block
  • Forming – 200 tonne tool press
  • Cold Sawing – up to 100mm x 100mm
  • Band Sawing – up to 450mm x 300mm
  • Tube bending – 25mm SQ to 60mm OD
  • Welding – Production or custom one-off projects

Examples of fabrication:

  • Customized racking, stillages and cages
  • Customized additions and modifications to conveyor systems and other materials handling equipment
  • Work benches – mobile or fixed
  • Picking trolleys
  • Modular frames
  • Artwork Storage Cassette
  • Stairs and balustrades
  • Customized gates and barriers
  • Cantilever cradles
  • And much, much more…


Bespoke Design

Our fabrication team have decades of experience in custom fabrication design including CAD design and provide plans, engineering drawings and installation schedules.

Cut, punch, form or weld

Our team can fabricate almost anything in steel – for example: mezzanine floors, balustrading, custom racking, artistic gates, and a lot more…

One-off or volume production

Our team excels at delivering both one-off fabrication projects and volume production such as custom stillages for large organisations.

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