Mezzanines or Raised Storage Areas (RSA)…. What is the difference?

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Mezzanines or Raised Storage Areas (RSA) – What is the difference?

Both Mezzanines and Raised Storage Areas (RSAs) are structural raised floors. The main difference is that a Mezzanine floor is continually occupied for work purposes (e.g. as an office or work/production area) and a Raised Storage Area is used for storage only.

Mezzanine floors and Raised Storage Areas can be built using different structural methods:

  • Structural steel supported mezzanine floors;
  • Pallet rack supported mezzanine floors;
  • Heavy duty Long Span shelving supported mezzanine floors.

Do I Require a Permit?

Mezzanine floors typically require local council planning permits and approvals if:

  • they will be continually occupied for work purposes (as an office or work area);
  • they are not fully freestanding (or attached partly to another structure or wall for support).

A Raised Storage Area, on the other hand, is free-standing and is used only for storage purposes, and as such, does not require permits and approval (check with your local council and strata title requirements).

Benefits: Make Use of Your Vertical Space

Both Mezzanines and Raised Storage Floors are a great solution for utilising unused vertical space and can double or triple your existing warehouse floor area. Raised Storage Floors are typically quick to install with minimal disruption to the business, and the system is modular and relocatable if you ever need to move. Mezzanine floors can include complete office extensions, fully installed with glazed office partitions, suspended ceilings, bathrooms, etc…

Some benefits of installing a Mezzanine or Raised Storage Area include:

  • Making the most of your rental dollar by utilising unused vertical space;
  • Negating the need to relocate to a larger premises;
  • Cost-effective solution when running out of space – compared with relocating;
  • Build over existing structures or buildings.

Another reason to consider installing a Mezzanine or RSA (and making the most of your tenancy) is rising rental costs. A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald cites industry sources as forecasting rising rental costs:

“Builder and developer Vaughan Constructions believes the end is nigh for the decade-long favourable conditions enjoyed by industrial tenants, as soaring land values and increased construction costs start to bite…”

“Soaring land and construction costs to bite industrial tenants.”
– from the Sydney Morning Herald, 11 July 2018.

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