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Project Description

Client:   AllCar Towing
Location:   Dandenong
Surface Area:   NA
Year Completed:   2023

The Challenges

Project: AllCar Towing car racking

Client Brief:

AllCar Towing are a major Victorian towing operator who tow not only accident vehicles, but prestige/premium vehicles, boats and more. Due to the success of their business, AllCar Towing has found that their storage yard was at capacity. The choice for the business was to either relocate to a new premises or find a way to fit more vehicles into their existing yard. After consulting with a custom fabrication department, we proposed the manufacture and installation of a three tiered car racking system.

Scope of Works:

The scope of work not only included the manufacture and installation of the solution, but also proposing the solution itself:

  • Working with client to understand the challenge for larger briefing on the project.
  • Consultation with our custom fabrication team to find a custom car racking solution and design it.
  • Design and fabrication of 58 three tiered car racks.
  • Installation of custom car racking.


The outcome was that AllCar Towing now has more space in their car yard to not only store cars, but also to operate their business. This means that AllCar Towing can continue to operate their business from the same location without having to go through the time and expense to relocate. Should they need more car racking, it can be added to the existing car yard. Alternatively, if they have to move, the car racking can be disassembled and moved to their new location.