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Pallet Racking Removal and Installation

Pallet Racking Installations

At A1 Precision Solutions, not only can we supply pallet racking, we can install and certify it as well. Whether you’re purchasing new or used pallet racking from us, we can design a solution for your storage needs, custom fabricate parts are needed, as well as certify the new pallet racking as per AS4084:2023.

While it’s possible to install pallet racking yourself, it also needs to be signed off by a qualified person and also receive a pallet racking inspection yearly. Ultimately, even if you install the pallet racking yourself, it still needs to be certified and, if it’s been installed incorrectly, it may end up costing more to correct mistakes.

What Is Included In Our Pallet Racking Installations

Installing pallet racking in a warehouse or factory isn’t as simple as just putting the racking up. Our pallet racking installation services also include:

  • Arranging permits as required: this may defer depending on where the business is and what the purpose of the building is classified as.
  • Insurance for the workers installing the pallet racking.
  • Scissor lifts and other tools that are required to install the racking.
  • All pallet racking installed as per the standard outlined in AS4084:23.
  • Safety certification of pallet racking as per AS4084:23.
  • If your warehouse is relocating we can also offer to dismantle and relocated pallet racking and perform a warehouse defit.

When installing pallet racking, safety is our number one priority. This is not only for our team doing the installation, but also for the warehousing team that will ultimately be using the pallet racking. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to get professional installation of any pallet racking in a business. Not only is professional installation safer, you’re ensured that it complies with Australian standards. And poorly installed, non-compliant pallet racking can not only lead to trouble, it can lead to damage to the racking, damage to goods stored on the racking, and even injury or death of workers.

Ultimately, if pallet racking is installed by a professional, you know it’s a quality job.

FAQs About Pallet Racking Installations

Feel free to get in touch with us regarding any questions you have regarding getting pallet racking installed. There are also a number of frequently asked questions that may help.

Can I install racking myself?

While it’s certainly possible to install pallet racking yourself, ultimately that pallet racking still needs to be certified in line with AS:4084:23 by a qualified person. If your newly installed pallet racking doesn’t pass its initial inspection and certification, it may take more time and money to rectify the problem than if the pallet racking was installed by a professional.

Is newly installed pallet racking certified to Australian standards?

All pallet racking needs to be inspected yearly, as per AS4084:23. This inspection needs to be done by a qualified person.

This means that newly installed pallet racking needs to be properly inspected and certified that it was installed correctly.

How long is my pallet racking certified to Australian standards?

AS4084:23 says that pallet racking needs to be inspected by a qualified person at least once every 12 months. However, we suggest you inspect your pallet racking both formally and informally more often.