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OHS and Pallet Racking Inspections

Our experienced team can offer OHS warehouse and industrial safety consultations, pallet racking compliance and inspection services, reports and repairs. Our team is fully qualified for these inspections and can offer advice should anything need to be corrected.

Annual Pallet Racking Inspections

To comply with Australian Standard AS 4084:2023 Steel Storage Racking, all industrial storage systems are required to be inspected frequently for damage and overloading, and at least annually to check its integrity. WorkSafe Victoria recommends inspections at least every six months. A1 Precision Solutions offer pallet racking safety and compliance inspections by qualified, experienced staff who can provide a detailed report with recommendations. If your pallet racking is not up to standard, we can supply a quotation for any damage repairs or replacements, helping you ensure compliance and more importantly, safety for your employees.

What’s Included In A Pallet Racking Inspection

All of our pallet racking inspections are done by certified pallet racking inspections who are qualified to inspect racking inline with AS 4084:2023. When you get a pallet racking inspection from A1 Precision Solutions, you receive:

  • The actual inspection of the racking. This includes a thorough pallet racking inspection as per what is set out in the standard. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Looking for signs of general damage or damage from collisions with forklifts and other materials handling equipment;
    • Checking for missing pieces or anything that may have become dislodged;
    • Ensuring that no beams or costs have become warped over time or due to overloading;
    • Making sure no rust or corrosion is present;
    • Checking the alignment of beams and posts.
  • A pallet racking inspection report that outlines what may need to be fixed as well as any photos where relevant.
  • Confirmation that the pallet racking was inspected as per the obligations set out in AS4084.
  • A quotation for any work that needs to be done to remedy any defects found during the pallet racking inspection.

It is a requirement under AS4084:2023 to have all pallet racking inspected at least once a year by a qualified inspector, however it’s also recommended that all pallet racking gets inspected more frequently than this. We are happy to conduct more frequent inspections and encourage our clients’ teams to inspect their own racking for things like:

  • Loose beams or posts;
  • Any obvious physical damage;
  • Rust and corrosion.

It’s normal for there to be some wear and tear to pallet racking over time. Structural damage may occur due to accidents as well. While preventable, mistaken overloading can also occur which can cause pallet racking to warp, sag, or twist. These are all things to look out for and ensure a safe working environment for everyone.

Why Are Pallet Racking Safety Inspections Important?

Beyond the legal obligations to AS 4084:2023, pallet racking inspections are extremely important for the general safety of a warehouse and its workers. Damaged or incorrectly installed pallet racking has a risk of collapse. This can lead to not only injury but also death of warehouse workers. Minimally, collapsed pallet racking is sure to damage the goods that are stored on the racking and may even damage expensive materials handling equipment. All in all, this is more expensive than simply repairing the pallet racking or replacing worn out components. A repair also results in less business downtime.

Regularly inspecting pallet racking for safety issues isn’t just a legal obligation, it’s a necessity for the smooth operation of a business.

Certified Safety Signage

Certified safety signage is also required to be visible to indicate the maximum unit load rating for each shelf level. If any changes to the racking configuration are made, this alters the safe working loads and prior approval from the supplier is required. We can supply certified safety signage for your pallet racking and aide with supplier approval after modifications are made to the racking.

While certified safety signage for pallet racking is an important general OHS issue, it’s also an important part of your AS 4084 obligations and part of our pallet racking inspection services. All of our pallet racking inspections include re-certification of safety signage and markings to indicate the racking has been inspected.

Racking – Fit For Purpose

Australian Standard AS 4084 Steel Storage Racking deals not only with design, but also covers racking installation and operation. When buying pallet racking, it is essential that you make sure the rack system is not only designed to the standard, but is installed to the standard and is operated in accordance with the standard. Our team can not only supply pallet racking, but also install it inline with the relevant Australian standards.

For further information, please read the WorkSafe Guidance Note on Pallet Racking Operation and Maintenance.

Pallet Racking Repairs

Our service team of qualified racking staff can identify damaged pallet racking components and organise a quotation for their repair or replacement. If not notice damage to your pallet racking that needs to be repaired, don’t wait until your annual inspection, get it repaired right away. Damaged pallet racking is a major safety concern and should be dealt with quickly.

We hold in stock many brands of pallet racking beams, uprights and other racking components. Feel free to get in touch with us for a quote.