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Project Description

Client:   Geelong Gallery
Location:   Geelong, Victoria
Surface Area:   24 m2
Year Completed:   2018
Customised high density cassette artwork racking system

The Challenges

Project: The manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of a custom, high density cassette racking system.

Client Brief:

Since its establishment in 1896 the Gallery has amassed a magnificent collection of 19th and 20th century Australian and European paintings and decorative artworks. An ever-increasing requirement for efficiently storing this extensive collection of artwork saw the Geelong Gallery reach out to A1 Precision Solutions in Dandenong to add additional customised pull-out cassette art racks.

Scope of Works:

  • Design and fabrication of customised high density sliding cassette racks;
  • Installation of cassette rack frame and slide rails;
  • Insertion and fixing of the sliding racks;
  • Commissioning.


Completed in December 2018, the system was installed over a period of three days with commissioning immediately after the installation. The system has the capacity to store artwork up to 2800x2200mm in an upright position, with efficiency and high density. Slide-out panels can be set at any position, allowing artwork with various frame types to be stored. The system is modular, so extensions and modifications are simple. The cassette rack is freestanding, allowing for future relocation or reconfiguration if required. The artwork hangs vertically, mirroring how they would hang in an exhibition environment. In this high density system, the gallery has the potential to store over 270m2 of artwork in an area with a footprint of only 4x6m.