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Project Description

Client:   CSR
Surface Area:  
Year Completed:   2024

The Challenges

Client brief:

Storing longer and bulkier items in warehouse settings can be difficult. Standard pallet racking isn’t designed for applications to store items like this. Storing longer and bulkier items with forklifts and/or other materials handling equipment. means bespoke solutions need to be considered. This is where something like cantilever racking comes in.

Designed with accessibility in mind, cantilever racking is designed for these very applications. Everything from aluminum extrusions, steel sections and sheeting to timber and plasterboard, cantilever racking provides the most space and cost effective solution. Each application is specifically designed and tailored to suit the customer and application.

CSR needed cantilever racking to store many of its different products and to be able to cope with the rigorous daily use and abuse that the cantilever racking endures. Having tried and gone through ‘standardised’ solutions that didn’t perform, CSR requested A1 Precision Solutions’ services for the bespoke design and construction of cantilever racking.

Scope of works:

Although there are many ‘standardised solutions’ on the market, CSR had a requirement for ones to perform with the extreme weights and comply with stringent FEM standards. It was clear that this was going to be a custom project that we would design and then have built by our in-house fabrication team.

  • Engineer design of custom high load rating cantilever racking to client specifications;
  • Meet both FEM and internal CSR standards;
  • Requirement for use of locally sourced materials;
  • Custom fabrication of entire cantilever racking solution as per design;
  • Lifetime guarantee.


A1 Precision Solutions has tailor designed and manufactured a number of custom heavy duty cantilever racks for CSR. These racks were fit for purpose and able to store long and heavy items easily and within reach of forklifts and other materials handling equipment.

Although the client’s storage requirements were slightly unusual in this case, we have the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of highly custom solutions. Some situations allow for standard and hybrid solutions, whilst others require bespoke parts for the application to be designed and fabricated. A1 Precision Solutions is committed to providing our clients with smarter, safer and most cost effective solutions for their storage and materials handling challenges.