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Project Description

Client:   Not disclosed
Surface Area:  
Year Completed:   2023

The Challenges

Client brief:  

This relatively small warehouse needed more storage space but didn’t want to do a full warehouse relocation. The best option for this was to utilise the vertical space of the warehouse with a new mezzanine storage floor. That being said, the client needed a lot more space, so they asked for a large mezzanine floor. Taking up nearly half of their existing warehouse. This was going to be a project that really showed how much a mezzanine could increase the floor spare of a warehouse in an effective way. 

Scope of works:  

Although building a mezzanine level isn’t a complex task for experienced tradespeople, every situation is different and no two mezzanine projects are the same. This project included: 

  • Sourcing all plans and permits for the work. 
  • Full measure and design of the new mezzanine including engineering design. 
  • Custom fabrication of the new mezzanine floor and its staircase. 
  • Construction of the new mezzanine floor onsite. 


Both we here at A1 Precision Solutions and the client were pleased with the final outcome of the project. Much of the mezzanine floor was pre-fabricated offsite. This meant that the final construction of the mezzanine was simply onsite assembly, which ensured that the project was completed quickly with minimal disruption to the business. This allowed the business to continue working through the construction process.