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Project Description

Client:   Not disclosed
Location:   Not disclosed
Surface Area:  
Year Completed:   2023

The Challenges

Project: Secure pallet racking

Client brief: This client, who is in the health food sector, had a need for pallet storage in a secure environment behind a cage for both security and import quarantine reasons. Although the secure racking space wasn’t large compared to the rest of their warehouse, it was important that the cage installation was done quickly so as not to interfere with the general running of their business and warehouse.

Scope of Works:

It was important that the onsite portion of this project was completed quickly so that the day to day running of the warehouse wasn’t disrupted. The scope of the project included:

  • Measure, quote, and plan secure caging for the specified pallet racking
  • Manufacture secure caging.
  • Install caging.


Our custom fabrication team were able to build the caging for the pallet storage area offsite before moving the pre-fabricated caging to the site. Once on site, our team managed to install the secure caging around the designated racking area quickly and easily. This ensured that there was virtually no disruption and the business was allowed to operate as normal throughout the cage installation process.