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Project Description

Client:   Supacat
Location:   Port Melbourne, Victoria
Surface Area:   Multiple areas
Year Completed:   2023
Complete office and warehouse fit-out, plus make good

The Challenges

Project: Fit-out of new office and warehouse and make-good on old office and warehouse

Client Brief:

Supacat were moving to a new office and warehouse location in Port Melbourne. Not only did they need a brand new office fit-out for their new space, their old space needed to be returned to its original state in an additional make good project. Like their old premises, their new location had an on-site warehouse, so a warehouse fit-out was needed as well.

Because Supacat were moving, we needed to finish the fit-out for their new office and warehouse before relocating their office and beginning the end of lease work. This was a back to back project that relied on finishing the fit-out work on time in order to proceed to the next part of the project. Both we and the client were happy that a single company was taking on the entire project. That way Supacat only had to work with one company and, meanwhile, we here at A1 had great control of the timelines for all aspects of the entire build, fit-out, and make-good.

The project was more than just a turnkey full office and warehouse design and construction. This was a complete design of the new space followed by seeking permits, construction, and more. This was also finalising the occupancy of the Supacat’s old space. There’s end-to-end projects, but this project went end-to-end on one part of the project and went ahead and did it again.

Scope of Works:

– Office and Warehouse Fit-Out

This was a full fit-out for a two storey office and nearly 2,000 square metre warehouse space. This project included:

  • Architecturally designed kitchen and reception area;
  • Creation of new partition walls throughout the building as well as removal of old partitions to create new floorplan;
  • Refurbishment and recarpeting of separate warehouse office;
  • Improvements and repairs to building safety;
  • Installing racking in warehouse;
  • Minor repairs and cosmetic changes.

– Make Good Services

Like any make good service, our job was to return the property back to its original state. This included:

  • Minor repair work;
  • General cleaning;
  • Repainting;
  • General warehouse and office make good.


We’re not sure who’s more pleased with the results: we here at A1 Precision Solutions or Supacat. This project took the right organisation and timelines to get it done for the client, and we’re proud that we accomplished it. Meanwhile, Supacat are happy with their new office that has a clean and modern fit-out.

We’re pleased to have been able to work with Supacat and look forward to our next project with them.