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Project Description

Client:   Melbourne Moonshine
Location:   Brunswick, Victoria
Surface Area:  
Year Completed:   2019
Whisky Distillery - Warehouse Fit-out - Customised Pallet Racking

The Challenges

Project: Warehouse Fit-out РCustomised Pallet Racking Solution.

Client Brief:

The client, who owns a small whisky – moonshine distillery in Melbourne’s inner north, required new pallet racking for their whisky barrels and to make efficient use of their limited warehouse space.

Scope of Works:

  • Site inspection and optimised pallet racking solution design;
  • Pallet racking supply and installation;
  • Pallet racking protection.


A1 Precision Solutions designed an optimised storage solution for their new racking, giving the client the best racking system for their needs. The solution now provides the client with optimal barrel storage spaces, heavy-duty pallet racking designed especially to safely store full whisky barrels, as well as, racking protection products for increased warehouse safety.