The Importance And Benefits Of Pallet Racking Protection

  April 29, 2024      Warehousing

When storing goods on pallets in a warehouse, pallet racking becomes one of the most important assets of that warehouse. Pallet racking is an extremely important tool for warehouses that makes it easier and more efficient to store goods. It’s also an expensive outlay when fitting out a new warehouse. Because of this, it’s important that it lasts and avoids damage.

This is where pallet racking protection comes in.

Although it’s not mandatory, we always suggest pallet racking protection whenever we’re supplying or professionally installing pallet racking for a business. It’s an additional cost, of course, but the benefits from the pallet racking far outweigh this small cost when compared to the pallet racking.

Pallet Racking Protection Prevents Damage To Pallet Racking

This almost goes without saying, of course, but it’s worth highlighting what damage protection actually means.

Pallet racking is usually damaged due to collisions with manual handling equipment, typically forklifts. Even experienced and careful forklift drivers can make mistakes and the occasional collision is unavoidable. And, of course, these collisions can lead to damage. Damage can also happen from pallets or even heavy goods sliding on the floor and hitting it. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a warehouse.

With the right pallet racking protection in place, any damage is confined to the protection, and not the pallet racking uprights and beams themselves. This means that it’s just a simple matter of replacing the pallet racking protection, not the damaged pallet racking components.

This Ultimately Saves Time And Money

Although pallet racking protection may need to be replaced because of a damage causing event, this is usually faster and less expensive than replacing or repairing a structurally critical pallet racking component. Pallet racking protection also ensures that damage usually isn’t so bad that the pallet racking can’t be used anymore; it minimising pallet racking downtime due to damage.

While it may be tempting to try and just live with any pallet racking damage, ultimately it’s dangerous and it will be picked up in an annual pallet racking inspection. And when the damage is noticed in an inspection, it will need to get fixed. Again, fixing/replacing pallet racking protection is less expensive than replacing the racking itself.

Going further, if pallet racking collapses, goods can be damaged and the warehouse can be slowed down or shut down during clean up. This loss of goods and productivity costs money.

Yes, when buying new pallet racking, the addition of pallet racking protection may be an unwanted expense, but it will ultimately pay for itself in savings over time.

Pallet Racking Protection Is Good For Safety

Most importantly, pallet racking protection is a safety issue. If a collision with pallet racking occurs, it can fall immediately if not properly protected. Collapsing pallet racking is a significant safety issue that can hurt or kill multiple people working in a warehouse. As already mentioned, pallet racking protection can limit the damage and prevent a sudden collapse.

Another safety benefit to pallet racking protection is that it works as another reminder to be safe. Safety equipment often serves two purposes: it prevents accidents while also being a visible safety reminder. And pallet racking protection does this too. Seeing pallet racking protection may help remind forklifts drivers to take care around corners and the end of racking rows, for example.

There Are A Lot Of Pallet Racking Protection Options

Pallet racking protection comes in different shapes and sizes and there are different options for different warehouse configurations. If you’re setting up a new warehouse, we’re happy to advise on the type of pallet racking portion that may be required. Alternatively, if you have an existing warehouse and need to install pallet racking protection, we’re also happy to help here.