What Is A Mezzanine Level?

  December 18, 2023      Custom Fabrication, Warehousing

It’s likely you’ve heard of a mezzanine level, whether it’s in an industrial, general commercial, or even residential setting, but you may be unsure what a mezzanine level is and how it’s different from simply adding another storey to a building. You may be considering getting a mezzanine floor or general raised storage area for your warehouse, but you’re not familiar enough with the concept to make a proper decision.

In this article we’ll explain what a mezzanine floor is, what the benefits of installing one is, and also answer a few more frequently asked questions about mezzanines.

How Is A Mezzanine Different From Adding A Story To A Building?

To be a mezzanine rather than its own separate storey, a mezzanine needs to be built so that it’s not built to cover the entirety of the floor below it. This means that at least one side of the mezzanine is exposed and looks over the floor below. Because of this, to build or install a mezzanine in any space, the ceiling needs to be high enough to incorporate the mezzanine. This is why creating a mezzanine for storage is often a popular option in warehouses and industrial settings.

So, rather than building on top of the existing structure, a mezzanine is built within it, this is why it’s different from simply adding another storey to a building.

A big benefit to installing a mezzanine floor, especially in a warehouse or industrial setting, is that it can be built so that the structure is completely independent of the base building. This means that much of the mezzanine can be fabricated off-site and simply put together on site, limiting disruption to the business. This also means that it’s easy to remove the mezzanine at the end of a commercial lease and also relocate it.

Are Permits Required To Install A Mezzanine?

Planning permits are usually required to install a mezzanine. While sometimes a permit isn’t needed, this will always depend on the size of the mezzanine compared to the rest of the building as well as the local council area that the mezzanine is being installed in. If you’re considering building a mezzanine or raised storage area in your warehouse, we can help you with any relevant permits.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Mezzanine Floor?

Installing a mezzanine floor in a warehouse can have a lot of benefits.

As already mentioned, a mezzanine can be built completely independently from the rest of the building. Because of this it’s easy to drastically increase storage space without having to move to a larger premises or permanently change the base building. Warehouse space can be expensive, so using the vertical space in the building is a great way to make the most of it.

There are also a lot of options when it comes to building a mezzanine in a warehouse. The mezzanine can act as raised storage with open space below it for even more storage, store machinery underneath it, or even as car parking with storage above. Alternatively, a mezzanine can be supported by pallet racking or even industrial shelving. If the space that the mezzanine is being installed in is an unusual shape, it can be custom built to fit that shape. All in all, mezzanines are fairly customisable to suit specific needs.

In fact, while there are a lot of “standard” installations and set ups for mezzanine floors, it’s also possible to custom fabricate elements to suit the specific needs of a business or the layout of the space. For example, if you need a specific stair width, the design and creation of the mezzanine can be changed.

Designed correctly, a mezzanine floor can often hold just as much as ground level and even incorporate pallet racking or shelving. The racking and shelving doesn’t sit on the mezzanine floor itself, rather the floor is built around the racking and shelving, allowing easier access to high up items.

All in all, mezzanines floors are an affordable way to expand a warehouse or industrial space without having to relocate or build something more complex.

Planning Your Mezzanine Floor Project

If you’re considering a mezzanine floor for your space, it’s usually best to call in an expert. Cheap do it yourself mezzanine floor kits may do the job for light duty work, but aren’t applicable for heavier storage or unusual shapes. With that in mind, if you’d like to incorporate a mezzanine level into existing pallet racking or shelving, you’ll need professional installation and pallet racking safety certifications for the modifications.

All projects are different, whether it’s a pallet racking installation or creating a raised storage area for a warehouse. Every business has a different use and business need, so finding a good solution oriented supplier like Colby Dandenong will give you a great outcome.