Cold Xpress Stage One Complete, Onto Stage Two!

  July 10, 2024      Construction, Warehousing

In May, we announced that we were beginning a major project with our long time client Cold Xpress. This project involved building Cold Xpress’ new cold storage facility. The purpose built facility was set to include multiple temperature controlled zones including freezer, dry, and chiller. Combined, these zones will be able to accommodate 12,000 pallet positions of pallet racking. In addition to this, the new facility will have extra loading bays built into the structure, solar panels, and more. This is set to be a large cold storage facility in Melbourne’s east; one that can service the entire state and greatly expand Cold Xpress’ business.

After beginning the project, we’re pleased to announce that Stage One is complete and we have moved onto to Stage Two.

What Was Involved In Stage One?

Like many commercial construction projects, big and small, Stage One of this project involved a lot of preparation work in order to get the site ready and fit for purpose.

An important part of the running of Cold Xpress’ new facility is going to be the installation of solar panels on the existing warehouse’s roof. Running a cold storage facility of this size requires a large amount of electricity, and Cold Xpress will be able to offset both the monetary cost and the carbon footprint of the facility by using solar. In order for the roof of the existing warehouse to be able to support the solar panel installation, it needed to be reinforced during Stage One of the project.

Other parts of Stage One involved general site preparation. This makes sure a project goes according to plan. As mentioned, this the preparation work that ensures a project can run smoothly. And now it’s been completed and signed off by the client.

What’s Involved In Stage Two?

A very large temperature controlled room mid-construction.Stage Two has already begun at a rapid pace, and is moving along smoothly.

The most visible part of Stage Two is the installation of the insulated sandwich panels, which create the walls and ceilings of the cold storage area. This part of the project is well underway and will see panels erected along the length of the warehouse, utilising as much space as possible for cold storage.

From there, the interior electrical cabling for the refrigeration and lighting will be installed throughout the cool room area.

Following this, Stage Two of this project will also see the installation of important safety features needed in every warehouse environment: fire protection. Since it’s going into a cold environment, the sprinkler system needs to be upgraded to withstand the freezing conditions as well as extended to go into the freezer rooms. As an added layer of protection, heat sensors are being installed in the sub-ceiling. The risk of fire is low because the insulation is fire resistant and the refrigeration system is CO2 based, it’s a safety measure designed to comply with the current codes.

Stage Two will also see the installation of the infrastructure of the CO2 refrigeration as well as the electrical components of the cool rooms themselves.

The final part of the second stage of this project will be the flooring for the cold storage areas. While insulated walls and ceilings are important for cold storage, it’s also important to have the flooring both insulated and safe. Flooring in temperature controlled environments like this involves building heating elements and an insulated subfloor to protect the building’s slab from sub-freezing temperatures.

And Onto Stage Three!

Stage Three of the project is scheduled to begin very soon.

Stage Three involves works that will be happening on the exterior of the property, so it’s possible for construction to happen concurrently with Stage Two. The works for Stage Three will include the outdoor plant room for the refrigeration as well as installation of additional loading docks into the existing building.

Stage Three will mostly involve external works with the build of the new plant room and electrical substation. It will see multiple contractors on site with multiple tasks being performed. This will ensure the project is finished quickly, allowing the client to start taking advantage of their investment.