How To Choose A Commercial Builder

  July 1, 2024      Construction

Regardless of the size of a commercial building project, every client wants it to be a success. Even small projects may seem big for clients, even if it’s not too big for the builder. That’s why it’s important for a builder to treat all projects as important. For the client, the project is important.

Since every commercial building project is important, it’s also important that clients choose the right builder for it. Choosing the wrong builder could lead to delays, cost blowouts, or even incomplete projects.

But, unless you’re choosing builders every day, as a client, you probably don’t know what to look for in a commercial builder. Here at A1 Precision Solutions, we were on a range of different types of commercial building projects and over a variety of project sizes, so it’s no surprise that we think we’re usually the right choice for a client. But you don’t need to take our word for it. We always encourage clients to look into other builders and evaluate them on the following.

What Sort Of Experience Does The Builder Have?

As much as we all want to give someone a chance, past experience (and success) is possibly the best indicator of future success in the building industry. With that, a builder who has been around for awhile is obviously doing something right if they’re able to stay in business.

Also, with experience comes the network of suppliers and trades to not only get the job done to a suitable standard, but also avoid delays in getting supplies and the people to do the work. Like any industry, the building industry is often about having a good network of contacts to stay adaptable and rely on the right people and partner businesses.

But it’s not just about general experience, it’s also about experience with specific types of projects, whether that’s in relation to project size or what’s being built. For example, some commercial builders only have experience in areas like office fit-outs, while others may only have experience in warehouse fit-outs. Others may be large enough to be span across both.

Do You Need A Specialist, A Generalist, Or A Mix Of Both?

With that in mind, sometimes it’s not a problem to use a builder who only has experience in one thing. A specialist builder can be boon for specialist industries that may have unique requirements whether it’s for their facilities or due to government regulations; often a specialist is the only builder you can use. On the other side of this is generalist commercial builders who can do most projects to a high standard. Both have their place.

Larger commercial builders, like us, may be able to have the right mixture of general building experience along with specialist teams that are able to get all sorts of jobs done. Our insulated sandwich panels team is an example of this. Our specialised team is able to plan and build cool rooms as well as clean rooms, both of which are often complex projects with specific regulations associated with them. However, projects of this nature often also have warehouse fit-outs, office installations, and more associated with them. As a generalist commercial builder with specialist teams, we’re able to help our clients by being a single point of contact for complicated projects requiring different teams.

Is Your Commercial Builder Licensed and Insured Appropriately?

Even if a builder seems right for the project, if they don’t have the right license or insurance, it’s time to start looking for someone different.

Using an unlicensed builder can lead to projects being stopped by planning authorities and other regulators. It can also lead to problems down the line with a business’ insurance if there’s a problem or worse, and accident. Although using an unlicensed builder can be a short term way of saving money, it’s often something that will cost more in the longer term.

Similarly, using a builder with inadequate insurance is a major concern for projects of all kinds. Insurance is there for a reason, and if a situation arises where it’s needed, it may be inconvenient, but at least all parties can be made whole. If there’s an accident or similar while using an uninsured commercial builder, the client may end up with an uncompleted project, out of pocket, and little recourse.

Don’t Forget To Look At Past Projects

If everything else in a builder looks adequate, don’t forget to look at past projects, whether online or in person. A good commercial builder should be proud of their past work and should have no problem telling a potential client about them.

Just like experience is important, it’s also important to see what kind of work a builder is able to produce.

There’s no problem asking for this information.

Choosing The Right Commercial Builder Can Be Difficult

Choosing the right commercial builder can be difficult. As we’ve already mentioned, although a good builder may work on projects of different sizes all day every day, for the client, every project is a big one and of the highest importance. This means that clients can’t make these decisions lightly.

Here at A1 Precision Solutions, we feel we’ve created a reputation as a full service commercial builder delivering projects on time, on brief, and on budget. Ask us, and we’ll prove it.