Do you use forklifts at your workplace? Do you have a traffic management plan?

  November 30, 2018      Warehousing

If your site uses forklifts, no matter the size of the site or warehouse, developing a traffic management plan in your workplace is a health and safety issue for your workers. A well-designed plan should always integrate work flow requirements with safety measures.

Risk control measures include (but are not limited to):

  • Hazard identification and isolation;
  • Identifying efficient traffic routes;
  • Correct MHE for your requirements;
  • Pedestrian and forklift exclusion zones;
  • Pedestrian access and safety barriers;
  • Asset (building) protection (including rack protection if applicable);
  • Visual and audio aids including signage, mirrors, flashing beacons and sirens;
  • Safety zones for truck drivers;
  • Floor and line marking;
  • Containment fences;
  • Speed limits and speed limiting devices.

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